Computer Repair & Data Recovery

     You depend on your business or home computer to work when you get ready to use it. It’s frustrating when it doesn’t work properly. We understand that, so we strive to offer the best PC repair in the area.

     Is your PC slow? Not sure why? We can find out why and speed it up. Sometimes we find that it’s cheaper to recycle older computers than to fix them. If that’s the case, we’ll advise you about replacing your PC.

Here of some of the services we offer:

      ✯    Virus removal and malware cleanups
      ✯    Windows Operating System re-install – Upgrade to Windows 8!
      ✯    Hardware installation & upgrades
      ✯    Data backup (online or to an external drive)
      ✯    System optimization; speed up your slow PC!
      ✯    Printer and software installation

     PC repair & upgrades are always needed for a machine to function at it’s maximum potential. It’ s a “best practice” to have your computer reviewed throughout it’s life.