network1Do you need help setting up a new network?

If you’re just getting started with setting up a new network for either your home or business, the seemingly endless array of possibilities and decisions to make can be daunting. The good news is that actually deploying your network is often less problematic than getting an initial handle on what your network needs for operation.

We can help you narrow down the options and streamline the decision-making process for you. We can help with the key decision of selecting a wired versus wireless network.

Wired networks offer many advantages over wireless networks, especially in terms of speed and cost. If your home or business isn’t pre-wired with network cabling, we can help by providing the cable and helping you with cable installation. Wired networks also offer security advantages over wireless networks, but most of the security risks of wireless networks can be mitigated with advanced encryption and other wireless security options. The main advantage to deploying a wireless network, on the other hand, is simply the lack of needing any wiring at all.

Help with your current business network

We can help you keep your server up-to-date and your network fine tuned so that it provides the highest efficiency and speed.